Open the app and you’ll instantly see an event-oriented feed, with new events highlighted by friends, recently-announced events by pages you like, and updates from events you’re already involved with.

If your diary is looking empty, you can find recommended events by time, location or interests, then check them out on an interactive map.

Add upcoming events and they appear in the calendar, handy for keeping track of your newly-busy schedule.

You’re using some other calendars as well? Import them from your phone to manage everything in one place.

Notifications alert you to any changes (and maybe you’re less likely to miss them with this more event-focused feed).

Everything you do is visible on Facebook just as it would be normally, so all your friends will be able to see what you’re doing, even if they don’t have the Events app.

Put it all together and Events from Facebook seems a simple and effective app, a convenient way to focus on your schedule while tuning out the usual timeline clutter. The early adopters seem positive, too, with the app currently rating 4.5 at the App Store.

Events from Facebook is currently available in the App Store for iOS users, and an Android version is apparently “coming soon”.

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