Take your pick between the AT-ST or nimble Airspeeder!

I’ve been a little lukewarm (HURR-HURR) about miniatures games recently. I still play a mess, but I’ve barely put brush to mini in… years. I think I need a new game to get my passion for painting back, and Fantasy Flight Games’ upcoming Star Wars: Legion may be just the ticket.

The game was announced a few months ago, and late last week FFG revealed two large new units that will be released alongside the main game – the iconic All Terrain – Scout Transport, and the zippy T-47 Airspeeder.

In the Legion game, these are Heavy units, so you can only take two of them – but both units looks to be pretty awesome. The AT-ST comes with a mess of heavy weapons options, and is heavily armoured to boot, making it a real centrepiece of your Imperial force. The Rebel’s Airspeeder can be similarly customised, but is a lighter, faster unit, relying on speed and the its ability to overfly terrain to stay in the fight.

Both units are available for pre-order now, and you can learn more about Legion here.

Yeah, I think this’ll get me back to the painting table…

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