Less than a year into its life cycle and it’s safe to say Nintendo’s hybrid console is going from strength to strength. Its library of games is expanding and with a new online infrastructure set to arrive sometime in 2018, the handheld/tabletop wonder is set to mega evolve yet again.

There is, however, one glaring omission in Nintendo’s plan and it’s one we really want to see addressed in the next 12 months: apps and third-party software. With Switch’s user base growing at an impressive rate, this really is the time for Nintendo to build on that momentum and give it the depth of multimedia it’s always deserved. So we’ve gathered together some of our most wanted apps that would be right at home on your Home screen.

A bespoke internet browser


So, technically, Switch does have an internet browser of sorts already coded into its OS, but it’s not one designed for normal browsing. Nintendo currently uses a version of Access’ NetFront Browser NX, a low-memory usage software that’s ideal for handheld devices, smart TVs in in-car displays. 

What we really need is a bespoke browser that’s far more powerful and built with regular surfing and access in mind. Whether this would be a partnership with an existing piece of software (such as Mozilla Firefox) or a completely new app (which would give Nintendo far more control and remove the need for licensing) remains to be seen, but the groundwork is already there in your device.

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