Fast facts

  • FIFA 18 release date: September 29
  • Formats: PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch, PC
  • Developer: EA Canada

FIFA 18 sees a familiar face return, plus lots of new features

Just as you’d hoped, Alex Hunter is back. Yes, EA is releasing a new football game this September – surprise surprise! – and the likeable protagonist from FIFA 17 story mode The Journey is set to continue his path to international footballing glory. That’s not the only FIFA 18 info worth knowing as that early-season release date approaches. Changes to Ultimate Team include multi-format legends – or Icons, as they’re now known – while fresh career mode and licensing details are expected in a matter of weeks. Here’s the all-important scouting report on FIFA 18, ahead of its arrival in stores…

FIFA 18 release date comes just after the start of the real season

FIFA 18 will appear in stores on September 29, around six weeks into the new European football season (depending on your home country), with live updates expected to have all the summer transfers in-place for day one – such as new Manchester United capture Victor Lindelof and Bayern Munich wing addition Serge Gnabry. Various editions of the game are already available for pre-order from the official FIFA website, including a version that unlocks both Ronaldos for play in Ultimate Team. What do I mean by ‘both’ Ronaldos? Read on…

FIFA 18 trailer features a lot of athletic footwork

Unsurprisingly, given that he’s the cover star and most famous player in the world right now, Cristiano Ronaldo is the focal point of FIFA 18’s first trailer. Look past the spectacular goals and mazy dribbles, and you’ll note his isn’t the only bespoke running style in the game – Raheem Sterling and Antoine Griezmann, to name two, also move just like their real-life counterparts. 

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