Corsair’s new Lapdog is one of those weird peripherals that it’s more than a little easy to sneer at. For one thing, the name – I know Corsair’s got this whole butch, canine thing going with its latest products, but Lapdog? The term refers to either small, remarkably inbred dogs that, by nature, sit in your lap and do nothing, or an insult based upon that first definition. 

Not an auspicious start.

And the idea, too, seems a little… far fetched. It’s a purpose-built unit that you can insert a Corsair keyboard into, and that then sits on your lap, so you can game on your lounge, in front of a big 4K television, for both graphical splendour and ease of gaming. It even has a built-in mousepad and memory-foam cushioning underbeath.

Yes, it is basically a Stable Table, those tacky plastic trays that made eating in front of the television so much more convenient back in the 70s.

All that aside, however, once you get to know the Corsair Lapdog, it’s a surprisingly well-engineered piece of kit, and once you lock a Corsair keyboard into it… Well, you start to come around. 

I’m still not sure it’s going to drive me from my gaming desk and into the loungeroom, but it’s certainly making a case for itself if that’s your jam. And, if Xbox One ever does get its long-awaited keyboard and mouse support, this will be a killer console peripheral too.

We’ll have a full review in our upcoming publications, but for now check out our gallery of getting the Lapdog – and a Corsair K70 Lux – ready for gaming.

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