With two weeks to go, the first person has already lined up outside a store to get a Nintendo Switch. The honor goes to “Stan64” from Stockholm, Sweden, who has camped out in front of a Webhallen retailer to be the first in line to buy a Switch.

And this isn’t his first time doing this: he waited in line for the Wii and Wii U, and was at the midnight release of the GameCube and queued up in the morning on the day the Nintendo 64 came out.

And he’ll be there for the next two weeks, camped out in the cold Swedish winter. Luckily for him, because he was the first in line, he gets unlimited warm drinks from a nearby cafe.

As for work, Sta64 says that he made an arrangement with his employer where he could work while being in line.

He says he needs to be in line every morning before 10 AM and stay there until 7 PM. That’s 9 hours every day for the next two weeks, waiting in line.

And the famous Swedish cold? He says he wears 3-4 layers of clothes and survives on “hype and warm drinks”.

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