It sounds like a natural fit: Fiverr, an online marketplace where businesses can hire freelancers, is acquiring And Co, a New York City startup building online tools that freelancers can use manage their client relationships.

What’s surprising is the new price that Fiverr CEO Micha Kaufman plans to charge for And Co’s software — absolutely free.

Kaufman explained that many of And Co’s capabilities, such as invoicing, are “baked into” the Fiverr marketplace. However, “the fact is that the vast majority of freelancing is happening offline” — and Kaufman wants to enable those offline relationships, even if they involve freelancers who don’t use Fiverr at all.

Does that sound a bit too altruistic? Well, it could be the right way to help the company reach new freelancers, and to build loyalty among the ones already on the platform.

Kaufman said he’s aiming to take a more “holistic” view of the freelancer community: “We think this investment in that community is going to serve all of us.” And he noted that And Co is a relatively young and small company (it was founded in 2015), while Fiverr is “raising more money and generating more capital, which allows us to take tools like the tools of And Co and just make them free.”

He added that even though the software will be available for free, Fiverr has “a roadmap for the next few years … and a full commitment to continue investing in it.”

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