If new data mining is true then we already know the Fortnite map changes coming this week. They include what looks like the missile being fired, a new building appearing in Tilted Towers, the moving trucks nearing Greasy Grove and Dusty Divot growing back.

The way Fortnite updates means data often arrives early, ripe for data mining. Here’s the tweet from DieBuddies, also known as @TwoEpicBuddies, who say they’ve done just that: 

The account has a history of finding new skins, harvesting tools and other secret info in Fortnite’s code – it was even allegedly hacked recently, and held to ransom by someone trying to extort Fortnite leaks. While there’s no way of knowing if this is all real until the update goes live this Thursday, its an account that has been right up until this point. 

Here’s the info in more detail: 

Dusty Divot is growing back

Dusty Divot, with its massive crater has been one of the biggest Fortnite map changes. As Fortnite season 4 has progressed we’ve seen the facility in the centre gain a roof and the hop rocks left by the impact slowly being collected and taken elsewhere (more on that later). Many other smaller craters around the map have already been filled in (again, more on that later) and it looks like Dusty is slowly being reclaimed. 

Tilted Towers is rebuilding

The crater that was in Tilted Towers appears to be covered over and the area looks like a construction site. It all suggests the changes leading to Fortnite season 5 could see the map reset to its pre-comet strike state. 

The missile has been fired or retracted

The changes to the villian’s lair make it look like the missile’s gone. But it’s not clear whether that’s because it’s been fired, or because the silo’s been closed. There’s been a countdown in the Fortnite Switch version suggesting something’s due to happen but no other damage visible on this map. However, an ongoing spacey theme in a few recent updates means the rocket might not have been meant for Earth. 

The Fortnite trucks are still moving to the Villain’s Lair

Finally, as pointed out in this tweet, the trucks are still moving. The ongoing theory is that they are taking hop rocks to the villain’s lair where the missile is, and the current position nearing Greasy Grove would suggest that’s still the case. 

We should find out this week if this all comes to pass. There’s only just over two weeks until Fortnite season 5 starts so things should start happening soon. One thing we’re definitely sure of if the new Fortnite Playground mode, recently teased as coming soon. 

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