Nintendo surprised many when they revealed that they will charge for Switch’s online features. But they sweetened the deal with a free monthly game from NES and SNES.

However, it now appears that the deal isn’t that sweet.

Nintendo has confirmed that players don’t own the “free” NES and SNES games they get each month. They are merely available to be played for that month, afterwards, the game is replaced by a new game and is no longer playable.

Unless you buy it, of course. Nintendo has confirmed the bad news, saying in a statement:

“Subscribers will get to download and play a NES or SNES game with newly-added online play for free for a month.”

Sony and Microsoft on the other hand, they actually give the games to the player, who owns and can play the game for as long as they have the online service.

The Switch online features will be free at launch but will switch to a paid model later this year.

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