Howdy, funsters! It’s Friday, and that means it’s practically the weekend and that means no 9-to-5 desk job for two whole days* and that means it’s linky time. 


We’re going to start off in Marvel town, because, aside from a brief spell there where everyone was all ‘Wonder Woman this’ and ‘Wonder Woman that’, that is where the fun is. And this week the biggest form of fun comes in the form of the first teaser-trailer for Black Panther. It’s light on detail but heavy on style and I dare say, in that regard, it’s everything we’ve been hoping for… and maybe a little more. 


Speaking of detail, the Russo Brothers, who are currently directing Avengers: Civil War, have, this week, posted another in their ongoing series of ‘random photos of stuff that might be from a movie’ and, of course, the internet has thoughts. I mean, I’m no expert on movie props or… anything, really… but to me this is very clearly the innards of a very high-tech fidget spinner. Trust me. You’ll see. 


Also coming around this time next year, Ant-Man and the Wasp. Coming some time the year after that? Captain Marvel, and the fourth, as-yet-untitled, Avengers movie. Or at least that’s the scoop, based on Marvel’s Phase Three production schedule, which they revealed this week. After the success of Wonder Woman, I suspect many eyes are going to be on Captain Marvel, which is slated to be Marvel’s first female-led superhero movie, but March 2019 is a long way off. 


Not on that schedule is the already confirmed sequel to the yet-to-be released Spider-man: Homecoming — disappointingly not titled Spider-man: Prom… unless it is, in which case, you heard it here first — which is slated for release in the US summer of 2019. And this week Tom Holland let slip in an interview that there may be a third movie in the works. Spider-man movies for everyone! And if you don’t like Tom Holland, you’ve only got to wait another seven or eight years before they put another guy into the suit and make a bunch more. Hurrah!


Over in the DC Universe, one suit that’s been filled by even more guys over the years (sorry) is the big black one with the bat motif on the chest somewhere. The suit itself has gone through more iterations that most of us can count, but one of the most baffling was the 1997 version George Clooney wore in Joel Shumacher’s Batman & Robin. If you’ve seen it, you’ll remember it for one thing: those nipples. And this week, twenty years on, Schumacher has finally revealed how they got to be quite so… perky. He also apologised for the movie as a whole, which, let’s face it, it’s about **** time. 



Long before those nipples and Clooney’s ill-fated time in the suit, the Batman suit was a lot less high-tech. It had no nipples. It wasn’t sculpted to six-pack-perfection. ****, it wasn’t even black. But it was worn with campy aplomb by Adam West in the 1960’s Batman TV show. There are some lovely tributes out there, including this one from one of my favourite comic-commentators. And I personally kinda love what this guy discovered a few years ago when he tried to look West up in the phone book. It’s not high art, but not everything has to be, right? 


The ATX Television Festival was held last week in Austin, Texas so there have been all kinds of cool things floating around for fans of entertainment’s greatest medium (don’t fight me). A panel with the writers of Alias — AKA the show J.J. Abrams made before Lost that featured more wacky wigs than The Americans can even dream of — has got the internet all fluster with suggestions of a reboot and I cannot tell a lie when I say that I think this would be great great great. But perhaps more of note for readers of this column was a reunion of the (newer) Battlestar Galactica folks, in which series head honcho Ronald D. Moore revealed that a part of the show’s very premise was a lie. Well, ****. 


In more current TV happenings, Game of Thrones has featured, to date, 150,966 deaths. That astounding figure comes courtesy of one fan, who has compiled all of those deaths into one nifty 21-minute video, for your viewing… pleasure? All the usual warnings apply: spoilers if you’re not up-to-date, violence (duh), blood (duh), animal cruelty, nudity (I’m guessing – I’ve just had lunch and I don’t want to have it again), but if you’ve got a strong stomach and some time to kill this afternoon, well, you enjoy. 


Another show that has been known to turn the odd stomach, but for very different reasons, is Charlie Booker’s Black Mirror. This week Booker took to twitter to announced that the series was coming to a whole new format: paper! Yes, it looks like the readers among us will soon get to enjoy this strange, discomfiting series in book form, thanks to Penguin Random House. The first volume will be out in February next year and we’re going to guess paper-phobes will be able to get it in e-book format too. Because this is 2017, after all. 


And finally this week, you know how you grew up watching kids cartoons, and everyone else grew up watching kids cartoons, but there was always that one kid you knew who didn’t watch kids cartoons because they were creepy, and you never knew what he was talking about? Well… if you check out this series of artworks, maybe it’ll start to make sense. Although, nobody needs to look that closely at what happens at the back of a duck’s mouth. Yeesh… there goes lunch. 


Have a good weekend, good people! 


*Apologies to anyone who does not work a 9-to-5 desk job and isn’t currently doing a chair-dance countdown. I’m thinking of you. 


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