The sun might still be shining but the cold has definitely arrived, which means it’s time to find a warm spot in front of a television an open fire and spend the next three months ignoring as much of ‘outside’ as possible. Or… is that just me? 


First off for this week, a bit of a dud note. Earlier this week, the founder and CEO of Netflix said in an interview that he thought the streaming-service-come-content-creator should be cancelling more shows, because that was healthy and meant they were taking risks and blah-blah good business blah. Everyone kind of nodded and smiled and wondered how this tied into giving 13 Reasons Why a second season despite us knowing all the reasons now, but apparently what he was actually talking about was Sense8, the much-adored sci-fi drama from The Wachowskis, which will not be getting a third season. To quote your esteemed editor on hearing this news: **** You, Netflix.


I know save-our-show campaigns don’t always work – or if they do, it’s often years later and/or you wish they hadn’t – but this is absolutely one worth getting behind. Here’s a petition you can sign, for a start. Good luck, folks!


A show which managed to avoid cancellation for a long time — look, maybe too long — and even when it was cancelled, managed to score two movies and eventually a TV revival, is The X-Files. The show’s eleventh season will premiere next year, but in the meantime, here’s some news about what you can expect and who’ll be writing it. You know, maybe The Wachowskis could talk to Fox about… oh, nevermind


Meanwhile, speaking of things that don’t seem to want to die, Milla Jovovich is quietly concerned about the Resident Evil film reboot that was announced a couple of weeks ago. As the star of the original movie (and it’s five sequels), it’s understandable that the news of a re-boot, so soon after the release of the final movie, might be somewhat baffling, and her thoughts are mostly sound. Then again, I don’t know that it matters: this will get made, if there’s money in it, and maybe a fresh team is just what it needs? 


Also this week — look, if you’re a Sense8 fan reading this news wondering how all these things keep going and going and going and your show, which is good and important and wonderful, will not, you might want to stop now, because… yeah (and I’m not even touching the Transformers news-that-wasn’t that came out this week) — Warner Bros and Legendary Entertainment have announced a director for Godzilla vs Kong, which is set to hit our screens in May 2020. That leaves us three years to get excited, which… I suspect we might need. 



Onto much, much, much more interesting things, this year’s biggest non-reboot, non-sequel, non-super-hero, non-franchise blockbuster is shaping up to be Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver. The final trailer hit screens this week and this movie looks like pure, shoot-em-up-and-run-em-over fun. Add a killer cast, a soundtrack to end all soundtracks and some fancy-pants editing, this is definitely one to see — especially if you’d like to let studios know that you want them to make more non-reboot, non-sequel, non-super-hero, non-franchise blockbusters, which are something of a rarity these days. 


Off the screen and onto the page, Marvel have announced that Runaways will be getting a new ongoing comic-book series, and it’s going to be written by none other than YA superstar Rainbow Rowell. Between that and the news that the Runways TV adaptation will be helmed by Gossip Girl’s Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, it definitely looks like Runaways is being pitched at a market that is often ignored by the comic-book head honchos, and I, for one, think this is just great. 


Now, despite my earlier comments about Winter, if you live in Sydney or Brisbane, there are a couple of good reasons for you to check out that whole ‘outside’ thing at the moment, with the opening of a couple of very geek-friendly exhibitions opening this week. It’s not every day you can get a look at Thor’s giant-animal-skull bed or original manuscripts of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories, so if it be geographically (or financially) convenient, book your tickets now! 


Still off-screen but at least one you don’t have to leave your house for, this week we got our first look at Thor: Ragnarok in teeny-tiny brick form, with LEGO’s announcement of two sets to tie in with the upcoming film. It’s nice to see Lego have embraced the disco-retro look of the film’s marketing so far. Just… nobody ask them where the Wonder-Woman movie tie-in lego is at, okay? 


And finally this week, some fun, cool, good news from Japan, where Studio Ghilbi have announced they’re going to open a theme park based on My Neighbour Totoro! There’s already a Ghilbi museum near Tokyo but a 200-acre theme park is on another level and, given that Studio Ghilbi will be directly involved in its creation, it might be time to start saving for the airfare now. 


In a pretty quiet week on the pop-culture front, that’s it from me. Have a good weekend, folks!


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