It’s hard to go wrong with the chaotic brawling of a sidescrolling, arcade-style beat-’em-up, but all that commotion can cover up the fact that there typically seem to be plenty of rough edges in the actual game design – cheap bosses, monotonous fights, limited cooperation between players, and so forth. Full Metal Furies aims to fix all that, correcting or bending almost every genre convention to deliver a fresh kind of four-player brawler. In talking with the folks at Cellar Door Games – the studio behind the stellar Rogue Legacy – it’s clear that they have a passion for the classic beat-’em-ups of yore, without feeling like they’re beholden to some outdated bits of their design.

For instance, you know those times in brawlers where you’ve whacked a baddie off out of view, and all you can do is swing at sights unseen from the edge of the screen until they either die or knock you down? Full Metal Furies’ dynamic camera always takes the screen edges into account, and forces juggled enemies to simply wallbounce back so that they never fall offscreen. What about all those times when your jerk co-op buddy scarfed down that restorative turkey, even though they had full health and you were hanging onto life by a thread? All beneficial items you pick up in this game are shared between players, with life bars displayed around your character instead of being stuck in a corner of the screen far away from the action. And as for those jump-attacks you’ve learned to use and abuse in just about every boss fight? The Furies don’t have any moves that would allow for the tried, true, and tired tactic of leap-kick spamming.

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