Oh, and some licensed Kinect thingie, too. They can’t all be winners.

But Superhot can! Superhot is a great game! Some might even say that it’s super-good! More games that look like FPS games should turn out to be more like puzzle games. You should absolutely give it a spin if you’re a gold subscriber.

Quantum Conundrum ain’t wholly bad, either. It’s another puzzle game, though, albiet one with Portal pedigree. It’s not quite as good as that, however, and in ways it tries too hard to out-charm Valve’s classic. But again, still pretty good.

There’s also Trials of the Blood Dragon, which loses out a bit for not being Blood Dragon. Or for being a core Trials game, for that matter. Still, probably better than that Brave Kinect game that’s also been thrown in. Maybe just watch the movie, instead?

If you wish to confirm this all for yourself, you can read the Major Nelson post right here.

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