AMD’s new Wraith Max cooler, which comes with some of its latest Ryzen CPUs, presents a bit of a challenge to motherboard makers. The cooler is larger than heavier than similar stock coolers, so making a mini-ITX motherboard requires a bit of extra effort – which is exactly what Gigabyte’s done with its new AB350N-Gaming WIFI motherboard.

The AB350N-Gaming mobo features larger zones between the CPU socket and DIMM slots, leaving room for the larger cooler while also boosting airflow. The motherboard also boasts a steel-reinforced PCIe 16x slot, making this tiny board perfect for powerful builds.

Other features include fourth generation digital PWM controllers, third gen PowIRstage controllers, and digital IR controllers. Taken altogether this equates to very precise power delivery to the CPU, while Smart Fan 5 technology allows for more precise fan control and temperature monitoring.

Connectivity is via built-in Realtek gBe LAN, and an onboard 802.11ac WiFi module, which also supports Bluetooth 4.2.

And of course there’s RGB Fusion for the lovers of blinking bling.

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