Some of the biggest technology companies in the world are set to protest against changes to net neutrality legislation proposed by US President Donald Trump’s government.

Corporations including GitHub, Amazon, Mozilla, Vimeo, Kickstarter, Reddit and the Open Technology Institute are opposing Trump’s plan to get rid of net neutrality guidelines put in place in 2015, which could mean internet service providers would be able to decide what customers see on the internet and what they don’t, based upon how much their customers pay.

The tech giants claimed the move would result in a hike of the fees customers have to pay to access services and blocking websites they don’t want you to see. They also claimed the move is against free speech, and urged advocates of web freedom to participate in an online protect on 12 July.

Led by Fight for the Future, Freepress Action Fund and Demand Progress, the online protest aims to persuade the government and the companies pushing for the lifting of net neutrality guidelines to change their stances.

As part of the protest, all the companies involved will change their websites to show support for net neutrality, which could include serving different pages to show what they say may happen if Trump and the overhauled Federal Communications Commission get their way.

“The internet has given more people a voice than ever before, and we’re not going to let the FCC take that power away from us,” Evan Greer, campaign director of Fight for the Future told the Guardian. “Massive online mobilization got us the strong net neutrality protections that we have now, and we intend to fight tooth and nail to defend them.”

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