The moment Kratos stepped into the light during PlayStation’s E3 reveal was one of the biggest outbreaks of ‘HOLY SHIT’ cheering of the night. I was lucky enough to be in the audience and his appearance had some people out of their chairs. However, while he’s back – and it is him, the same Kratos from the previous games, not a rebooted character – he’s a vastly changed man. And one with a son to raise. 

This isn’t the ‘kill everything and shout at the bits’ Kratos we’ve seen before… No, wait it is, but he’s really trying to change. “Kratos has struggled with his rage and he blames his rage for a lot of his past mistakes” explains gameplay engineering lead Jeet Shroff during a behind closed doors demo. “Now he has a son, he’s a father [and] Kratos is struggling with this idea of trying to bottle down this rage and shield his son from what he has inside of him”. 

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