Google’s Pixel Chromebooks are a thing of beauty. Not only are they ludicrously overpowered for a Chromebook, but they sport stunning high-resolution displays, glossy touchscreens and ooze classic, minimalist style. It’s why the Pixel 2 – complete with two USB Type-C ports – impressed us and why we fell in love with the somewhat flawed Pixel C tablet.

Now though, it looks as if Google is ramping up to announce a new Chromebook Pixel. According to OMGChrome!, last month Google posted a job listing for “Quality Engineer Chromebook Pixel”. The role, based in Shanghai, calls for someone to “drive design of experiments and collect SPC [statistical process control] data to enable evaluation, qualification, and verification cost-effectively in manufacturing quality across functional teams.”

Google clearly sees the next Pixel as a defining moment for Chromebooks, stating that the new engineer role will “be part of shaping Google’s next game-changer”.

Now that Chromebooks can run Android apps, the need for a higher-end device makes more sense than it did previously. While even your low-end Chromebooks can run Android apps with relative ease, it’s never a bad thing to have more power under the hood than ever before.

As always, don’t expect the Pixel to be cheap. 

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