Do you find typing search terms into Google too damned slow? Well, now you can simply open Twitter, type “@google” and then scroll through a list of emojis to send it. You then just have to wait for Google’s bots to send you a reply on Twitter, which in my experience took a few minutes.

It’s a novelty, basically. Nothing like as convenient as opening up Google and typing what you want into the search bar. Or yelling “OK GOOGLE, PIZZA” into your phone, if you have no sense of decorum.

In any case, Google now understands more than 200 different emoji for activities and foods, and if you tweet an accepted symbol to Google, it will fire back a link to the search page and a GIF of the search term.

Let’s start with an easy one.

Good stuff, thanks Google. Although if I start getting adverts for breakfast pizzas targeted at me, I’m on to your little game.

But I’m really more into insect eating. Google, help me out.

Well, that’s disappointing. At least give me something to wash it down with?

Teehee – hey, Google. Get a load of this!

Sure, Google. Babaganoush. That’s exactly what I meant.

What about aliens. Got any aliens?

Well if this tool can’t be used to expose what really happened at Roswell, I’m not playing anymore.

(With special apologies to the 37 people who follow both me and Google, who indulged my search spamming this morning.)

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