I still remember my first advent calendar. It had pictures behind the windows. And I thought that *that* was exciting!

Of course, the upgrade to chocolates as each day until Christmas lands in December happened many, many years ago now. In fact there are plenty of novelty advent calendars, although they can get bulky (otherwise I’d be all over one of those beer ones).

Games are often digital, though, and that is extra true of PC games. So, hey, why not ‘unwrap’ a series of them as the days until Christmas count down. Well, now thanks to this Humble Jingle Jam bundle thingie, you can! There’s a flat fee of US $35, but you will end up with a lot of stuff, and on top of it, all of the money raised through bundles sold goes towards charity.

Our personal recommendation? Gift it to a friend you’ve not seen in a while. Or maybe one you saw just yesterday.

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