Someone’s cracked the hardware inside Microsoft’s Hololens headset, and it’s a rather fascinating set of specs, including an Intel Atom processor and 2GB of RAM.

The crew at Windows Central ran Aida Mobile on their devkit, and came up with what makes the augmented reality headset tick.

OS Windows 10.0.11802.1033
CPU Intel Atom x5-Z8100
1.04 GHz
Intel Airmont (14nm)
4 Logical Processors
64-bit capable
GPU/HPU HoloLens Graphics
GPU Vendor ID 8086h (Intel)
Dedicated Video Memory 114 MB
Shared System Memory 980 MB
Storage 64GB (54.09 GB available)
App Memory Usage Limit 900 MB
Battery 16,500 mWh
Camera Photos 2.4 MP (2048×1152)
Camera Video 1.1 MP (1408×792)
Video Speed 30 FPS

As is pointed out in the article, given the specs, why the $3000 price? Well, the sensors would be up there, as would the Holographic Processing Unit. And given this is not a high-volume item, Microsoft needs to recoup those no doubt impressive development costs somehow.

If it ever does reach volume production, the price will likely drop.

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