It takes a round of combat to really get what makes Has-Been Heroes is trying to do. As a rogue-like, there’s a lot to take in, so you’ll spend your first battle poring over spell descriptions, figuring out how to properly swap lanes, and probably get trounced by the seemingly neverending wave of undead. But once everything clicks, you’ll find a surprisingly satisfying blend of action and strategy wrapped inside a goofy, cartoonish exterior.

Has-Been Heroes is actually pretty easy to control underneath all the ability descriptions and RPG trappings. You have three heroes at your disposal, each one with a unique set of skills and strengths, and they continue to march to the right while a horde of skeletons saunter toward the left. In order to make it through battles, you have to manipulate your heroes, move them between one of three lanes, and send them out to attack. Each melee attack pauses the action, allowing you to set up variety of follow-up attacks. 

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