We’ve seen a variety of reports that indicate that the wireless signal for the Joy-Cons may be weaker than other devices, but overall they seem to hold up pretty well for the portable device that they are. However, one poster on reddit has shared a picture of his Joy-Cons after a week of use that seems to show a massive plastic chunk missing from the side of the Joy-Con.

Have had my switch since launch day and just noticed this on the left joycon thumbstick. It’s been either in the dock or been carried around very carefully ever since. No drops, knocks or any kind of rough handling.

Obviously, this is a defect that contacting Nintendo will take care of promptly, but I’m curious if anyone else has experienced anything like this. With the PlayStation 4 launch, several people were reporting that the plastic for their analog sticks on the DualShock 4 was coming off quite easily.

If you do have a defect like this with one of your Joy-Con controllers, contact the retailer where you purchased your Nintendo Switch or Nintendo directly. Their customer support number for the United States is: 1 (800) 255-3700.

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