Hisense has always been a choice on the radar of value seekers, but the company is pushing hard to get a foothold in the premium segment. Based on price alone, it certainly now occupies the high ground. It has just launched its 65-inch Series 8 ($4,999) and 75-inch Series 9 ($9,999) ULED TVs.

They deliver the top-notch specs expected of a truly premium set, the most important ones being 4K and HDR. The HDR standard used is HDR10, which offers slightly less overall quality than the alternative Dolby Vision standard. LEG OLED sets support both standards, but having experienced both there is little to tell them apart is regular viewing.

I spent a few hours with the Series 8 last week and was left impressed. I own an LG 4K OLED and was most interested to see how the new LCD Hisense stacks up. In terms of contrast, being the big strength of OLED, the Hisense Series 8 was very impressive. Watching a range of content it is as good as an LCD gets for creating deep blacks. Screen brightness was its greatest strength, and was far more vivid than the LG OLED, but without appearing garishly showroom floor bright.

Above: Hisense Series 9 ULED

Both new Hisense sets use quantum dots, which contributes a lot to screen brightness.

These are good looking sets, too, the shiny metal base most definitely exudes a premium feel.

So. Hisense has arrived at the high end of the market, and here, using LCD technology, it’s going head to head with Samsung now that Sony is playing hard against LG with very good OLED sets, and in my subjective experience there is little to choose between them. We haven’t done any true colorimeter testing, though, it should be noted.

Above: Hisense Series 8 ULED

With 4k content now in relative abundance on Netflix, and more coming all the time – much also supporting HDR – there’s no reason not to splurge on a big 4K HDR telly. Size for size Hisense is a valid alternative to Samsung and if the price at the time you’re shopping is competitive this is the new brand to take a little more seriously.

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