It’s easy to lose track of login details for websites and product keys for software, but it’s not impossible to retrieve them – you just need to know which tools to use and where to get them from. SterJo offers a one-stop range of software for recovering all sorts of secret information from Wi-Fi passwords to Microsoft product keys, making it easier than ever to recover your forgotten security information.

How to recover your lost and forgotten passwords

  1. To retrieve website logins saved to your browser, install SterJo Chrome Passwords or the appropriate tool for Firefox, Internet Explorer or Opera.  If you want to find saved passwords for a specific social network, you can try the password finders for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  2. If you’ve entered a Wi-Fi password in Windows, SterJo Wireless Passwords can find it again. It reveals info about any wireless networks you’ve previously joined including the network name, password and encryption method, and you can export these details as a TXT file.

  3. It’s easy to forget login details for FTP sites, but if you’ve saved your passwords with FileZilla you can reveal them using SterJo FileZilla Decryptor.  The tool shows you the Host, Username and Password for each site, so you can easily use the credentials in another FTP client.

  4. If you’ve ever saved passwords using Windows Credentials Manager, you can unlock them using SterJo Windows Vault Passwords. To reveal logins used for network authentication and remote Desktop connections, you can also try SterJo Windows Credentials.

  5. If you’re unable to recover a password after following the above steps, you can try SterJo Password Unmask, which reveals passwords hidden by asterisks in windows application forms. The tool is particularly good at revealing email account credentials in Microsoft Outlook.

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