Last week, Twitter announced it was closing Vine, and since then people have been mourning the death of one of the most interesting social media platforms around. Vine had created its own unique, quirky brand of humour – and it turns out Giphy agrees, because it’s developed a tool to save your Vines.

A page on the Giphy website reads: “The Vine community fostered a truly special kind of humour and innovation, Giphy wants to provide a place for that creativity to live on. That’s why we built a tool for Vine creators who would like to save GIF versions of their personal content library to their Giphy account…”

The special Giphy tool can be found here, and lets you save all your Vines to GIFs. After logging in with your Giphy account, or via Facebook, all you need to do is copy and paste your Vine Profile URL into the page. After that, click Import and Giphy will do the rest for you. Sometimes the process takes a while, particularly if you have a lot of GIFs, but hey, it’s better than losing your loops forever right?

Just to show the GIFs working, I’ve embedded one of my own Vines along with the converted Giphy version. The quality isn’t as good and there isn’t any sound, but at least it’s looping.

It’s also important to remember that Giphy only gives you one import per Giphy account, so if you have multiple Vine accounts, you’ll either have to make multiple Giphy accounts, or contact them directly.

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