It’s 2018! Hope you all had a good break, filled with more new games than we managed, and possibly less strange echo possibly from Skype updates too…

This one is hosted by Hewso, and he comes through loud and clear. Tim and Ken sound a mite like they’re shouting from an abondoned school hall. We’ll hopefully have that ironed out again by next episode. As for what’s in this one? A whole lot of talk about our excitement levels for the games anticipated to land over the course of this year Shenmue 3.

Please note that Hyper’s podcast comes with an explicit language warning. Those who are easily offended may wish to avoid listening.
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Games: Super Mario World, NBA Live 2018
Music: Chemical Fusion (by jnWake)
Theme Music: Visitors from Dreams (by Dma-Sc)
Fine, it’s just Tim who’s hyped for Shenmue

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