SPOILER WARNING: I’ll be talking in great detail about Resident Evil 7’s main twist for the entirety of this article. Consider yourself warned. 

“I’m no killer, son”. Those words come from the mouth of Resident Evil 7’s Jack Baker. Until this point the only side you’ve seen to him is that of a homicidal killer, someone who will stop at nothing until your blood is soaking into the mansion’s hardwood floor. But now he’s pleading with you, asking you to “free my family. Please”. The cutscene is barely two minutes long, yet it changes the way you see Resident Evil 7’s monstrous family forever. Free from Eveline’s control, Jack makes it clear that they’re not always grotesque villains – they’re victims just like you. And it’s been gnawing at my conscience for over a year. 

This revelation comes about halfway through the game. A vision shows Ethan tied up in the Baker house with a normal Jack Baker trying to calmly explain that he and Marguerite lapse in and out of being in Eveline’s control. She might look like a harmless little girl, but Eveline is a bioweapon who gains power over anyone she comes into contact with, warping this caring family into perverse versions of themselves on the outside. Inside those ghastly creatures are the Baker family’s true selves, helplessly trapped within their own bodies and doomed to watch as they kill, maim, and torture the people they desperately want to help. The entire game changes from this point onwards. Instead of fighting a twisted family who don’t seem to understand that Eveline’s ‘gift’ is a death sentence, you now know that somewhere inside themselves, Marguerite and Jack are the same as before but have no control over what they’re doing. 

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