Knack is a strange one – not very many people liked it, and mostly for good reason. It was a harmless game, maybe even fun in places, but fun in the same way that bread can taste good – it’s fine, you tell yourself, as you watch other people use their bread to make actual sandwiches.

Sony announcing a sequel last year was kind of unexpected, kind of not. Knack certainly lacks mascot appeal, but we’re talking about the creation of Mark Cerney here; the guy was working on developing the PS4 hardware and a new game at the same time. Maybe said game idea deserves a second chance?

There may not be much hype build up surrounding Knack 2’s early September release, but the demo may just be a good idea in this case (although, boy, did Sony drop it quietly) – if Knack 2 is fun, and also family-friendly for that matter, then it could maybe become a sleeper hit. We’d like its chances a bit more if not for the Switch, mind.

In any case, just head to the demos tab under the games section of the store if you wish to download it and give it a spin.

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