Microsoft has introduced a new feature to the latest Windows 10 preview build that allows Android users to connect their smartphones to their PC. The functionality will also be available for iPhones, although Microsoft has yet to reveal when this will arrive.

By using a ‘Microsoft Apps’ application, users will be able to access cross-platform features, including the ability to send links from a smartphone to a Windows 10 machine. If you connect your Android phone to a PC, you will be able to continue your session on your PC, and send websites to your computer using a share function.

It’s basic, but gives an idea of how Microsoft plans to develop the technology further. It also promises future support for a universal clipboard, to copy and paste content, and allow apps to share content directly.

The preview build, known as ‘build 16251’, also expands Cortana’s functionality. You’re now able to view results inside the digital assistant without having to launch a browser window, which is particularly useful for searches that involve simple answers, such as weather or stock price queries. The digital assistant will now also support voice commands for shutdown, restart, or sign out.

If you’re signed up to the preview builds, you can access the new features by going to Settings > Phone, and then clicking the ‘Link your Android, iPhone’ option.

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