You can now use Listary to run searches on your favourite websites, with the results opening in a new browser page.

A smarter launcher is able to launch Windows 8/ 10 apps, and run desktop applications as an administrator, even when Listary is launched normally.

Built-in custom commands include lock, shutdown and reboot, uninstall a program, launch PowerShell, open the Network Connections window or edit the Hosts file, and you can add as many others as you need.

Handy new keyboard shortcuts include pressing Ctrl twice to launch or hide Listary, Ctrl+Enter to open the parent folder of a search result, Alt+O to access “Open With”, and setting hotkeys to launch actions directly.

There are all kinds of integration improvements, from sending search results using the Windows “Send to” menu, to environment variable support, the new support for SpeedCommander, XYPlorer Free and One Commander, and optimisations for Total Commander, AutoCAD, Directory Opus and more.

And the list goes on, with so many other additions that they’d make a perfectly good update all on their own: custom actions, a redesigned interface with Theme support, keyword support to open your favourite folders, a new mkdir command to create a new folder, a “batch add” for websites, folders and custom commands, {query} support in paths, and more.

Fortunately, two things haven’t changed: Listary 5.0 still runs on Windows XP and later, and it remains free for personal use.

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