It’s the whiniest and most first-world of all first-world problems to whine about, but there’s a distinct problem with playing games at preview. Especially if they’re games you personally want to play. And doubly-especially if you’re going to be reviewing them. At some point you’re going to have to plough through a whole bunch of stuff you’ve already played in order to get through to the exciting new stuff. It’s almost always a bit of a drag, especially if you really want to get to the new stuff. But you know what? In Mafia 3, I really didn’t mind.

I played the first couple of hours of the game a while back (you can check out my preview from that here), but starting the game again has been an absolute pleasure. The start of Mafia 3 is just that **** good. In fact, in some ways I’ve enjoyed it more the second time around, thanks to all the extra little details I’ve noticed.