Surface Laptop owners can move to Windows 10 Pro for free until 31 March 2018.

Microsoft yesterday extended the deadline for Surface Laptop users to upgrade from Windows 10 S to the full version of its operating system by three months.

As part of a blog post announcing that gold, blue and burgundy colour options are now available in 20 countries outside the US, Microsoft also revealed that customers now have until 31 March 2018 to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro for free.

Launched with the Surface Laptop in May this year, Windows 10 S is a cut-down version of Microsoft’s flagship operating system that only allows users to install apps from the Windows Store, rather than standalone programs.

Microsoft says that this is to make Windows 10 S safer, faster and easier for administrators to manage, and the operating system seems reminiscent of Google’s Chrome OS. Some critics highlighted the prospect of locking users into Windows Store apps as a problem for the OS, however.

Redmond’s decision to give 10 S users longer to upgrade is because the OS has not proved a hit with customers, argued Clive Longbottom, founder of analyst firm Quocirca.

“Windows S just hasn’t captured the attention or interest of buyers,” he said. “As such, it makes far more economic sense for Microsoft to focus far more on the areas where it still has a good enough chance to fight for continued dominance: the full desktop experience of Windows 10, along with the IoT.”

With the lucrative back-to-school season upon us and the Christmas holidays on the horizon, Microsoft may want to make sure its well-received Surface Laptop isn’t dragged down by the OS.

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