A US customer claims the upgrade patch constituted a breach of his civil rights

A US customer whose laptop automatically updated from Windows 7 to 10 without his permission is suing Microsoft for $600 million for what he claims amounted to a violation of his civil rights.

Albuquerque resident Frank Dickman claims a forced Windows 10 upgrade resulted in his laptop becoming unresponsive, and is now seeking damages from both Microsoft and CEO Satya Nadella – or a fresh copy of Windows 7.

“I own a ASUS 54L laptop computer which has an OEM license for Windows Version 7,” said Dickman, in a complaint filed last Wednesday. “The computer was upgraded to Windows Version 10 and became non-functional immediately. The upgrade deleted the cached, or backup, version of Windows 7.”

Dickman said he wants to downgrade his machine from Windows 10 to 7, but as the files have been deleted, he’s unable to source a legitimate version of the software.

The complaint, which has been archived by Bleeping Computer, argues that the forced upgrade of Dickman’s machine constituted a breach of his 14th Amendment Civil Rights, and that Microsoft should provide a replacement software code or face damages.

The filing gives Microsoft 30 days to either hand over a software code or “$6,000,000,000.00 (six hundred million dollars)”.

It’s unclear whether Dickman’s case is likely to go any further, particularly given the amount he has demand from Microsoft. However, it’s by no means the only lawsuit brought against the company since its botched Windows 10 rollout, having already paid out $10,000 to a Californian resident after a forced patch bricked his PC.

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