Bolt Action, Kings of War, Guildball… it’s all on sale!

For some reason I find the term Black Friday remarkably hateful – yeah, sales are cool and all, but really it’s just a desperate gasp of late-stage capitalism. 

But then Mighty Ape goes and has a massive sale on wargames, and hey I’m not made of stone.

Need some new brushes and paints? Army Painter brush sets are 45% off!

Want to get into Kings of War, the fantasy wargame which has pretty much taken off where the old Warhammer Fantasy Battles left off? Both rules and the mess of minis are up to 25% off!

How about some scenery to make your tabletop battlescapes even better? There’s a mess of laser-cut MDF pre-painted buildings, coloured plastic buildings, and more, again around 25% or more off.

And it’s a great chance to get into WW2 game Bolt Action, with the Second Ed Starter Set is now just $101, down from $137.

To be perfectly honest, I still hate these sales. But now, at least, I have a lot more terrain on my table.

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