Minecraft: Story Mode was such a hit with gamers that it received a full extra three episodes beyond what TellTale Games usually does with its episodic adventures. The Wii U version was one of the best ways to experience the game and now it looks like Amazon may have outed that the game is headed to Nintendo Switch.

We got a small hint that the game would be appearing on Nintendo Switch thanks to the January reveal trailer, but nothing else has been shown. The Amazon page for the game says the release date is June 27th. This is also for The Complete Adventure, so you’ll be getting the full 8 episode game that includes the extra episodes beyond the completion of the first story.

TellTale Games hasn’t commented on the appearance of the game on Amazon yet, but perhaps it’s something that we can look forward to seeing during E3? Are you interested in picking up this game? Let us know in the comments.

Minecraft: Story Mode – The Complete Adventure – $39.99

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