Yesterday we got news of European pricing of the top end of AMD’s new R-series processors, AKA Ryzen. On a straight conversion from Euro to Australian dollars, the top level R-7 1800X – with its eight cores roughly Core i7 6900K performance – came out at an impressive $839 in local dollar-doos.

Now, more pricing has been sourced (at ShopBLT, via Guru3D), and it’s looking like that same chip will be retailing for around $US490, and £365 in the UK. 

That equates to $640 and $600 respectively. It’s a lot cheaper than yesterday’s pricing, but that included added sales tax. And, given we pay more for our parts downunder, these new price conversions are almost certainly not accurate.

Regardless, it’s looking like the AMD’s parts are going to be roughly half the price of their Intel counterparts, with matching on-paper performance. 

In other words… Red’s back, baby!

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