And, once again, the retailer is paying the price with a $750,000 fine.

Budget PC parts retailer MSY – yes, the guys with the low-end website and PDF price list we all know and love – has been hit with a $750,000 fine by the ACCC, for “misrepresenting consumers’ rights to remedies for faulty products,” according to a release published by the ACCC yesterday.

This is the second time that MSY has earned the ire of Australia’s consumer watchdog – the last time was in 2011, and cost MSY over $200,000. And it was for much the same thing: “misleading consumer warranty representations”.

This time the issue revolved around faulty parts of the right to a replacement.

“MSY had misrepresented consumers’ rights to a repair, replacement, or a refund where a product developed a fault. Businesses must ensure their refund and returns policies, and any representations accurately reflect their obligations under consumer law,” ACCC Deputy Chair Delia Rickard said in the ACCC’s release.

MSY has also had to pay $50,000 towards the ACCC’s court costs. 

If you want to learn more about your rights, check out the ACCC’s page on consumer guarantees. And thanks to Gizmodo for the heads up.

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