2016 was pretty messed up, but at least the videogames were good. And we played a whole heck of a lot of them. Now we present you our top ten—from indie games that provided new experimental twists on game design to incredibly polished, long-in-the works blockbusters. Some of these games might not have received universal praise (even from us!) but in the end, we think these are the games that will define 2016 and still be talked about in 2026.


Equal parts Gone Home and Telltale’s Walking Dead, the debut title from Campo Santo was another step forward for the narrative-driven, solitary-exploration genre. Poking your way through a mostly uninhabited national park, your only companion a voice on the radio, is an entrancing experience; the places are so pretty and the plot is so immediately arresting that in no time at all you’re deep in Firewatch‘s thrall. The profound sadness that pervades the whole experience, the isolation, the reasons you went out into the forest in the first place… it’s an experience not to be missed.

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