The free genealogy tool My Family Tree has hit version 6.0 with a host of small but welcome enhancements.

Smarter GEDCOM handling includes a new import log to help diagnose any problems, and options to choose who to export when you’re saving a file.

Dates may now be input and displayed in multiple calendar formats: Gregorian, Julian, Hebrew, French Republican, lunar Hijri (Islamic), and solar Hijiri (Persian).

There’s also full support for BCE calendar dates, and a new calendar conversion option in the date calculator to help translate from one format to another.

The new build offers more flexibility in how your data is presented, with formatting options for the display of names, and column configuration options for the family list.

Under-the-hood improvements include support for multiple notes and a “last saved date” for records.

Chronoplex also reports enhancements to filtering, charts, printing, file save modules and more.

What hasn’t changed? My Family Tree is still free, remarkably, and it still runs on anything from Windows XP up. If you’re tired of trying to manage your family tree via a website only, grab a copy and see just what it can do.

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