Last month Nintendo released a much-needed update to their Miitomo mobile social network, and they’re not done yet. They have revealed that another big update is in the works and will be released soon.

The future update will add some sidekick features to Miitomo: players will be able to teach sidekicks how to answer questions, and a new section called “Sidekick Central” will be available, where you can find answers from other sidekicks.

Nintendo has also added some new Holiday-related content to Miitomo:

– Santa hat
– Santa jacket
– Santa pants
– Santa boots
– Custom Helm: Mach Speed
– Custom Booster: Mach Speed
– Hero team mask
– Hero team suit
– Denim overalls + striped shirt
– Patchwork denim jeans
– Simple parka
– Fur-lined ankle boots
– Striped knee-high socks

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