Microsoft has confirmed that the Timeline feature that allows Microsoft users to revert to older working environments and previous versions of files and folders will not be released in September as part of the platform’s Fall Creators Update. 

Verge senior editor Tom Warren commented on his Twitter account that the Timeline feature is unikely to ship in time for the Fall Creators update and Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore replied “Correct. Timeline won’t be in the Fall Creators Update. We’re planning for it to be in early insider builds shortly after FCU is out.”

The conversation continued, with Warren asking why it’s delayed and Belfiore saying it’s not a priority at the moment. Cloud files will be the first feature to be rolled out, then Timeline, then Cloud Clipboard. However, Belfiore argued that Timeline was never supposed to appear in the Fall Creators Update, despite Warren saying it was equally never made clear the features wouldn’t make the update.

When called out by Twitter user @DeadpoolSway about not delivering promises, Belfiore said Microsoft had never offered a solid release schedule, but he accepted the company needs to “get better at conveying timing.”

“Our dilemma is how to show future work and describe our direction.. it’s good to do that!,” he added.

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