Nintendo is not resting on its laurels when it comes to making sure its fans are satisfied with Super Mario Run. The game recently received an update to bring several festive cosmetic items to your kingdom, but today Nintendo has brought an entirely new game mode for players to have fun with.

Dubbed Friendly Run mode, this is a way to casually compete with your friends without having to spend Rally Tickets to do so. Those who have the trial version of the game can only do one Friendly Run per day, while those who have purchased the full game can do three runs a day after clearing World 1 or five runs per day after clearing World 2.

To challenge your friends, open your Friend List, tap Run, and then you’ll be on your way to having fun. The game mode plays just like Toad Rally but it’s essentially a practice mode, as you won’t earn any Toads or coins on these runs.

It’s obvious that Nintendo is trying to keep staying power with the app by adding more competitive modes to keep people coming back once they’ve earned all the coins in World Tour mode.

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