We’ve seen some early reports about the Nintendo Switch’s purported battery life, but this preview from Ars Technica UK contains a really interesting piece of information. The author of the piece seems to confirm that the Switch unit will last about three hours of play time with Breath of the Wild.

He also mentioned that the included AC adapter for the Nintendo Switch will recharge the unit at a rate of about 1% per minute when the system is in sleep mode. What’s really interesting is that this sleep mode seems to be pretty aggressive, as the reviewer says that upon spending eight hours in the dock, his fully charged Switch had only lost 2% of its battery life, down to 98%.

Another concerning thing in this preview is that the “universal” compatibility of the USB-C charger that Nintendo went with may not be so universal after all. While attempting to see how fast a third-party USB-C charger could charge the Switch, this previewer determined that it only charged at a rate of about 1% every six minutes. In fact, the charge was so slow that the Switch died while plugged into this charger.

For those hoping to use any USB-C charger that may have come with a smartphone or tablet purchase, it sounds like you’ll have to be careful.

[via Ars Technica]

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