What is going on with Nintendo today? First the company is selling an empty Splatoon 2 Switch bundle box in Japan, and now they’re also selling a physical copy of Splatoon 2 without the actual physical game card.

Instead, you’ll get a download code for the game to grab it on the Switch eShop.

We can’t help but think this will cause some confusion among buyers: there will be two physical versions of the game, but one is actually not a physical version.

There’s a reason some people prefer buy physical games instead of digital.

And for those who buy the game digitally but want a case for their collection, well, this isn’t that product. Because this is a fully priced game with a download code — you can’t buy just the box if you’ve purchased the game on the eShop already.

It also means you can’t resell your copy of the “physical” game because it doesn’t exist physically.

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