For many, money is something of the past. People used to have it. But these days it appears increasingly sparse. Funding something like a honeymoon might slip far down the list of priorities. 

Honeyfund is a crowdsourcing platform to help couples raise money for a post-wedding trip. And the company has just launched an app in a bid to maximise the proposal. 

The website launched in 2006. Founders Sara and Josh Margulis had found that when they got hitched, their wedding guests believed that experiences over material possessions are more important, so giving some money towards travel, and memories, was in order.

A lot of people get married (still) and, according to the website, Honeyfund has helped raise $345,451,603 in its decade anniversary year (tin, of course). So yes, Honeyfund is celebrating ten years while launching an app. A romantic tale indeed. 

According to TechCrunch, Honeyfund is the seventh most-used wedding registry in the US. Given its popularity, those tying the knot clearly love the site.

The new app optimises the process of sourcing money for a honeymoon. It speeds things up, like Tinder did to online dating. Honeyfund is just a later version of Tinder, almost. Or at least what you use if the dates go well. 

The company’s broader focus, also new, is Plumfund, which casts a net to find cash for everything from medical procedures to finding missing people. There’s even a divorce category. Everything’s covered, then. 

But for a happier conclusion, Honeyfund is available of iOS and Android so plenty of users can create wonderful, joyful wedding pages to entice their friends, family, and just about anyone else to pitch in for a hot getaway.  

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