SUPERHOT, the critically acclaimed shooter-come-puzzler, which has until now been an exclusive VR title on the Oculus Rift, has finally made its way to the HTC Vive.

It is now available to download through the Steam store, almost six months after first appearing on the Oculus store. The game, which pits you against enemies in a world where time only progresses if you move your character, is widely praised for its innovative gameplay, and considered one of the best examples of the VR experience.

SUPERHOT began life as a PC title but, with partial funding from Oculus, was ported over to the Rift where it remained an exclusive. Given the integration of head movement, the stylish shooter is incredibly well suited to the virtual reality platform.

Due to budgetary constraints, the game’s developers had said that it was only feasible to use Oculus to help support a game rework for a VR device, yet the exclusivity deal received heavy criticism from the community at the time.

Scalping off a Rift exclusive is great news for HTC Vive fans, as although the platform has a healthy pool of games, it can’t quite compete against the wealth of Oculus. The Facebook-owned company is digging deep to pay out hundreds of millions to developers willing to create content exclusively for the Rift.

Until now, HTC Vive owners wishing to play those exclusives have been forced to rely on software like ‘Revive’, which allows users to purchase Oculus titles and play them on the Vive.

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