The Nintendo Switch is a big success at the moment, so big that Nintendo has doubled production and analysts are now expecting the console to sell 8 million units during its first 13 months.

And while there are a lot of third party Switch games in the pipeline (mostly from indie developers), overall it seems that the console hasn’t caught on with a lot of developers.

A recent survey at the Game Developers Conference, which surveyed 4,500 developers, revealed that only 3% are working on a Switch game. PC and smartphones led the survey, with 53% and 38%, respectively.

In fact, more developers said they were working on Apple TV games (4%) than the Switch (3%), which ended up dead last on the survey.

Of course, there is a reasonable explanation for this: the Switch has just been released and many are taking a wait-and-see approach. It’s also quite possible that many developers are just getting used to the Switch and its development environment, before committing to making games on it.

Check out the complete survey results below.

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