If you want to sew your own clothes, you have to make a trip to the fabric store first to pick up a pattern. The experience is often frustrating — you wade through binders of patterns looking for something you want to make, only to find the store isn’t stocking the pattern you’ve picked out. Once you get the pattern home, you have to painstakingly cut it down to size. UpCraft Club fixes these problems for the roughly 30 million at-home sewists in the U.S. by selling patterns from around the world in one online marketplace. Plenty of people are buying — you might even say reams! UpCraft Club earns $9,000 a month and is growing, with customers in 80 countries. UpCraft Club users print only the pattern pieces and sizes they need, so there’s no need to cut a pattern down and they can get straight to cutting and sewing fabric instead.


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