Game analyst Michael Pachter has been tough on the Wii U over the past few years, but he’s quite optimistic about its successor, the NX.

He believes that if Nintendo can make the NX as powerful as the current PS4 with the same architecture, it will be enough to attrack third party support. And that, coupled with Nintendo’s own lineup of games, can help sell 20 to 50 million units.

In the latest episode of his show Pachter Factor, he also said that he believed the new Zelda game looked amazing and would help sell a lot of NX console at launch.

“It looks a lot to me like the NX is going to be essentially a PS4 in a Nintendo case. If it’s that powerful, if it’s easy enough architecturally for all the publishers to support, so FIFA, Call of Duty and Battlefield are on the NX, then absolutely I think this thing is going to sell really well.” he said, adding that the NX can be very successful if it has third party support.

“If they get third-party support, it will sell 20 – 50 million units and be a solid, competitive console.”

The NX will launch in March 2017, and Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be one of the launch titles. So far that’s the only NX game that Nintendo has announced.

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