If you’re a PES 2018 fan you’re probably used to the grumbles surrounding the series’ lack of licensed kits and badges but, thankfully, there’s an easy-to-install patch for PC and PS4 fans (Xbox One owners are out of luck, I’m afraid, although you can manually edit team names, kits and badges, as we outline below) to get the brand spanking-new kits and badges. All updated for the 2017/18 season, too, which is handy. Don’t worry, the option file is easy to install, and we’ll walk you through the process, which will take 15 to 30 minutes tops. Best of all, the results are genuinely incredible, negating any FIFA envy. Here’s how to get the option file onto PES 2018 so you’re raring to go.

What you’ll need:

·  A USB stick*

·  An internet connection

·  (and that’s it – no, seriously!)

* If you don’t have a USB stick, we can recommend you head to Amazon UK to pick up the Kingston Data Traveller 16GB for £5.79 or, if you’re looking for something a little bigger for capture, Amazon also has the SanDisk Ultra 64GB for £19.79

Step-by-step guide to installing an option file (PS4)

·  First things first, format your USB drive to FAT32. Right-hand click on your USB device and go to Properties to check if it is/isn’t in FAT32 format already. Follow the instructions if not; it’s nice and straightforward.

·  This next bit is important: create a separate folder on your USB device and name it WEPES.

·  Go to your website of choice for option files and PES 2018 patches. PESUniverse, for my money, are the best the internet has to offer for consistent updates,  but feel free to look around.

·  Once there, download an option file (most places come with detailed instructions in case you get stuck) and pop the unzipped files – use WinRAR if needs be – into the WEPES folder

·  Next, place your USB into your PS4 and fire up PES 2018. Easy-peasy.

·  Go to the Edit screen and make your way to Data Management and then, finally, the Import/Export screen 

·  Hit Import Team and make sure all boxes are checked on the Select File page.

·  The Detailed Setting page after that needs to have both boxes unticked – then go for it.

·  Once the option file works its magic (it’ll take around 5-10 minutes), be sure to save in the Data Management screen at the very end.

·  If you’ve only downloaded kits, badges, and names (or if that’s all you want) then you’re finished. Go play. If not, make your way back to the Data Management screen to upload those pesky competition logos.

·  Go to Import/Export and click Import Images. Find the Competition Emblems option and tick all of the logos you want to import then press OK. Voila!

·  Finally, stick some music on because you’ve got to add the competition logos manually. Find the Competitions menu on the Edit screen and match the logos you’ve downloaded to the correct competitions. (Be sure to Google the images – you don’t want to mix up your La Liga 123 and your Serie Bs!) All done!

Step-by-step guide (PC)

·  Find a PC-specific PES 2018 patch (don’t expect one straight away, though!)

·  Run the installer upon download – though it goes without saying be wary of malicious files. Always check around for the safest option file.

·  The installer should then ask for a folder to install the files to. Save them to your /Steam/SteamApps/Common/Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 folder.

·  And that’s it! Easy, right? No more Man Blue for you ever again.

What do I do if I’m an Xbox One owner?

Do you want the bad news or the worse news? The bad news is that, as Xbox One doesn’t support USB data transfers into games, there’s no way you can download option files or patches. The worse news? You can have the correct kits, badges, team names etc etc but you’ll have to do it all manually. Team names are easy enough (see below) but the kits and badges will take much, much longer and probably require some sort of fancy art degree. Sorry about that.

Will it work online?

Unfortunately not. Don’t worry, everyone plays as Barca anyway.

PES 2018 – real team names

If you can’t figure out your West Glamorgan Cities from your Lancashire Clarets then look no further. You can find the real names for the Premier League and  English Championship below as well as filling in the gaps for the Spanish and Italian top divisions.

Barclays Premier League:

Arsenal FC – Arsenal FC

East Dorsetshire – AFC Bournemouth

East London – West Ham United

East Midlands – Leicester City

East Sussex – Brighton and Hove Albion

Hampshire Red – Southampton FC

Hertfordshire – Watford FC

Lancashire Claret – Burnley City

Liverpool FC – Liverpool FC

London FC – Chelsea FC

Man Blue – Manchester City

Man Red – Manchester United

Merseyside Blue – Everton

North East London – Tottenham Hotspur

South Norwood – Crystal Palace

ST Red – Stoke City

Tyneside – Newcastle United

West Glamorgan City – Swansea City

West Midlands Stripes – West Bromwich Albion

West Yorkshire Town – Huddersfield Town

English Championship/English 2nd Division

Berkshire Blues – Reading FC

Derbyshire – Derby County

East Anglia Town – Ipswich Town

Fulham FC – Fulham FC

GL Blue White – Millwall FC

Hounslow – Brentford

LN White – Preston Town

Norfolk City – Norwich City

North West London – QPR

Notts Red – Nottingham Forest

NW White Black – Bolton Wanderers

South Wales – Cardiff City

South Yorkshire Blues – Sheffield Wednesday

ST Yellow – Burton Albion

SW Red – Bristol City

SY Red – Barnsley

Teesside – Middlesbrough

Wearside – Sunderland

West Midlands City – Birmingham City

West Midlands Village – Aston Villa

WM Gold – Wolves

YH Red Black – Sheffield United

Yorkshire Orange – Hull City

Yorkshire Whites – Leeds United

Serie A/Italian 1st Division (one unlicensed team)

PM Black White – Juventus

Spanish 1st Division/La Liga

AN Cyan White – Malaga CF

AN Green White – Real Betis

AN White Red – Sevilla FC

Atletico de Madrid – Atletico de Madrid

CN Yellow Blue – UD Las Palmas

CT Blue White – RCD Espanyol

CT Carmine White – Girona FC

ED Blue Burgundy – Levante UD

ED Yellow – Villarreal

FC Barcelona – FC Barcelona

GA Blue White – RC Deportivo

GA Cyan – Celta Vigo

MD Blue White – CD Leganes

MD Cobalt Blue – Getafe CF

MD White – Real Madrid

PV Blue Red – SD Eibar

PB Blue White – Real Sociedad

PV Sky Blue White – Alaves

PV White Red – Athletic Bilbao

Valencia CF – Valencia CF 

We hope you find this guide useful, and please let us know in the comments – by tapping ‘See Comments’ below – if you find a particularly good option file, or want to share any tips for how fellow PES 2018 players can optimise the game via settings for the best experience.

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